Quattro e Quaranta Live Music

Weddings & private events

Perform music during a private event as a wedding celebration or in a very important telecast is not different : quality and professionalism required must be ever the same. This is the philosophy of Quattroequaranta.

duo aperitivo2

Event management

The Duet is the basic formation and the unplugged style (acustic guirtars and voice) is the highest form of expression ,and for the sound not loud and velvety , is proposed for moments as appetizer, and breaks between courses food when the quality music is important but people want to speak effortlessly.
When possible is nice to add to duo the saxophonist-flutist, so the duo become a trio.


Guido Bombardieri


About that, Quattroequaranta have collaborators of highest musical level as the great Guido Bombardieri , a nationally famous jazzman that can increase improvvisation and musical interplay listen here.

During the meal is used background music .

The entertainment of Quattroequaranta is very natural and never forced and consists to perform the right song at the right moment.

Various guest musicians and singers of the moment are always wellcome and Quattroequaranta are happy to cooperate with them tecnically and musically.
Sometimes is performed a dj set for propose all musical genres not covered from Quattroequaranta like caraibic music, folk music and tecno commercial dance.

band geno


The band

If you are a purist of the live music and you are looking for solution no compromise , the Band is the best thing for you , as also it's possible to add at the band the saxophonist (quintet).

Also the band, in case of apetizer and quiet's moment performs music in unplugged (acustic) modality if necessary .

allestimento geno

A large set-up

Multiple installations

For a best managing of the event, are prepared two technical zones or more, usually an external one and another internal , so it's possible to perform music in different places without move some materials. Quattroequaranta uses equipment from the best brands selected for every particular application : for soft listening, as also high pressures sound .

Services for ceremonies

Quattroequaranta are pleased also to perform music during the marriage ceremonies, of course we are speaking about modern music opportunely selected : otherwise is possible to request some external musicians that can offer classical music.

Quattroequaranta are willing to do every kind of town transfer.

Don't hesitate to contact us contact us for every information !!