Quattro e Quaranta Live Music


Why the name "Quattroequaranta" (fourandforty) ? It's very easy, 4&40 make remember the frequency of the A note , 440 Hertz , that in the music represents a universal reference.

The duet is composed by Max (voice and guitar) and Simone (guitar) and it's similar to a small band but more manageble about the space occupation and less loudly than a real band : the duo performance is usually unplugged and sometimes the songs are rearranged at BOSSA NOVA , FUNK and SWING styles, preserving a great groove for a impactful show Listen here.

When the duo need a strong rhythmic support, are employed some custom made backing tracks 'cause Max and Simone "have only four hands" (lol!) Listen here

The Music is similar to that performed by the whole band and indicated for every kind of event like conventions, weddings and private celebrations.

duo b&w

They looks like the dynamic duo...