Quattro e Quaranta Live Music


Quattro&Quaranta Band was founded in the 2004 by a common idea of Simone Giannaccari and Franco Penatti to have an awn musical activity after that they played together in the band of the popular italian comedian Franco Oppini. Stefano Guizzo that has collaborated with Simone for many years, of course became the singer of the band but in 2008 he began is solo career and so he is replaced by Max Sestu , the actual singer and rithmic guitar player.

The bass player can't be that Gaetano "Rascell" Puzzutiello for his good past collaboration with Franco in others important situations and for his great sound and instrumental precision.

Quattro&Quaranta Band offer a impactful show performing popular international songs from the 60S to today (look at Music) in the name of the good playing and quality sound.



Simone Giannaccari is the lead guitar player of the band and duet. He is professional guitar player since more than twenty years and he has collaborated with important italian artist as

Simone Giannaccari

Gianluca Grignani (recording studio), Maurizio Vandelli (tour 2003), Franco Oppini, Nino Frassica, The Bepi, Andrea Bocelli (at telecast Che tempo che fa ) totaling in the years thousands of performances in places from small clubs to palasport and stadiums. Simone is private guitar teacher.

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Voice and guitar

Since 20 years Max Sestu is song writer, singer and arranger of the his songs, and play guitar and bass


and keyboards. For two times (2004 and 2005 ) Max present his compositions at Rolling Stone in Milano and in 2004 he has collaborated with famous commedians"Pino e gli anticorpi" (at telecast Colorado cafe') and with the magician Mago Forrest . After, he has partecipated to the Tim tour performing his songs and finished this he plays and sing at Smaila's club in Sharm el Sheikh.

in the 2007 Max is backing vocalist and rithmic guitar player on tour of Gianluca Grignani and currently he is doing the same in the Smaila's band and in the Captain Ventosa's band, the "hero" ofe the telecast Striscia la notizia.

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A tough guy!! For Frank is essential a good balance between tecnique and groove.

He has multiple professional experiences :

Franco Penatti

Davide van de sfroos, Gatto Panceri e Ronnie Jones are just some of the important artists he as collaborated.

Instead, it's impossible to know how many times he has appeared in various orchestras of telecasts as Passaparola ( for 5 editions !! ), Meteore and many others.

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After the collaboration with Orchestre du Soleil in Paris where he has played with Gary Moore, Gaetano

Gaetano Puzzutiello

for friends "Rascell", he has various musical experiences as the Musical Fame and the tour with a singer Linda,(Sanremo 2005).

He has appeared in telecast as Festivalbar and I Caruso.

In the 2007 he was the contrabbass player in the musical Cabaret.

Currently we can see-listen him (with his legendary hat) in the Paolo Belli's big band.

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